Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Urban Fairytale ~ Day 2

Hello my Lovelies,

on second day of Urban Fairytale I visited the Tea party as guest. At the very end of the whole site we had spacious rooms. We got a nice Poster and our goddie bag. 
I prepared some stuff for the bring & buy, but unfortunately we had to carry our stuff with us, because the team there was not ready. All over the day, the program was hard to tell when it starts or where it takes place. I also missed the group picture, because I double checked something at the bring & buy and when I went outside, the whole group disappeared. That was a tad disappointing...

Here are some pictures from the fashion show, which was pretty long, as not only Baby and AatP showed some outfits. Also several Indie brands took the opportunity and showed their designs. There were some really nice outfits:

Here are the items I got: The pop up book and necklace from Baby, a pin and some nice business cards and pictures we made there. The big one was made from ME Fotografie, the smaller ones are from my Instax.

Overall it was a nice weekend, but to be honest, I won't pay a VIP Ticket the next time and have to think about it, if I really take the long ride on me for an other event in Berlin. Nothing can compare with the austrian tea partys ^^''

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